Who pays Dallas Office Space For Lease .com’s fees?

Since the Dallas Office Space For Lease fiduciary duty is to you, the tenant, we represent your company’s interests at all times. Whether you renew your lease or seek new space, our services are FREE.

We perform the full service requirements of a traditional brokerage agreement which include:

  1. Define Client’s objectives and requirements for present and future needs.
  2. Assist in arranging for a space analysis and projection to determine the correct square footage, type and layout/building needed for a complete or partial relocation.
  3. Conduct a survey and analysis of the available locations in the areas selected by Client, soliciting the cooperation of owners and other real estate brokers. Dallas Office Space For Lease will endeavor to expeditious report its findings to Client in order to help Client select the location’s that will best meet their requirements.
  4. Arrange and coordinate inspection tours of the location’s.
  5. Assist the space planner’s in the preparation of preliminary layout plans and construction work letter allowances.
  6. Negotiate the terms and conditions of the purchase or lease on Client’s behalf utilizing the Dallas Office Space For Lease knowledge of real estate values and rentals, and the terms of the sales and leases previously negotiated by Dallas Office Space For Lease.
  7. Assist Client’s counsel, staff specialists, architects and other specialists and representatives of Client, whenever possible, to help successfully conclude this assignment.

How can our services be free?

Since our fiduciary duty is to you, the tenant, we represent your company’s interests at all times. Whether you’re renewing a lease or looking for new property, our tenant representative services are absolutely free to you.

Dallas Office Space For Lease .com – Additional Services

In additional to lease negotiations, Dallas Office Space For Lease .com provides a wide range of tenant representation services.

Our site analysis, financial analysis, and market analysis services provide your organization with all the information you need to make an informed decision on your property of choice. Understanding the history and details of your potential lease property is crucial to both making an informed decision and to negotiating your lease from a position of strength.

Once the property research is complete, we can help you weigh the financial decisions you’ll need to make before finalizing your lease. Purchasing, subleasing, and buyout options are all considered. Financing options and any potential off-balance sheet alternatives are also discussed in full. By providing a comprehensive and accurate financial picture, you can make a final lease decision with the complete confidence that all choices and options have been fully considered.

Finally, once you’ve finalized your lease, we will continue to provide you with valuable advice and consultation regarding potential market shifts, property values, or other real estate information pertinent to your organization. We can even help you find reliable Dallas area office movers to assist in transporting your fixtures to your new property.

In the end, we are dedicated to ensuring that your organization receives the best possible property and the best possible lease terms the market will allow. Contact us today, and find out what we can do for you!

Services We Offer: