Dallas Lease Negotiations

As a manager or owner of a company, one of your largest expenses of your company is your rent expense. The average company in the Dallas office market signs a lease contract for between three and five years. During that time questions and changes about your lease can occur at least once per year. Eighty percent of all business and corporations lease their space.

Because you are in the business of running your company, you are an expert. Your livelihood depends on it. All your time is spend managing marketing and sales to make sure your company continues to produce and if you don’t someone else will. When someone needs information about what you do, you have all the knowledge, resources, and skill necessary to address these needs. If you didn’t you would go out of business.

At Dallas Office Space for lease, we understand that you are an expert at your company. We also know that you cannot possibly maintain your expertise and be an expert at commercial real estate. You don’t have the time or resources to know whats happening in the market place. You can’t possibly understand how the commercial office market is changing over the last 6 months or year since the last time you had to make decisions about your occupancy.

Dallas Office Space for Lease professionals use the best tools money can buy. We have the best research in the market. All our time is spent helping decision makers tailor their leases to meet the current and future need of their company.

Your lease is probably 50 pages long and contains clauses like SNDA’s, and subordination and holdover. You may not know how to structure an assignment and sub-leasing section of your lease. Many times an issue with your operating expenses comes up and you don’t really understand why you are receiving a large bill when you thought the landlord was supposed to pay those expenses. How do you negotiate your operating expenses section of your lease to protect you against such a surprise.

If you are in a single story office building, did you know that if your AC unit goes you you could be responsible for paying for the replacement cost of the entire unit. This cost can range from $5,000 to $10,000 and your company will be shut down until it is fixed.

What happens if there is a water pipe burst that ruins your space and will cost thousands of dollars to repair. Who is responsible? How about the time your company is shut down and potential lost of business due to the shut down. Dallas Office Space for Lease can guide you through answering these questions. Better yet, we will think about these issues before they occur and design a lease that can protect you in the event of these unforeseen events.

This is just a few of the way we as experts in the lease negotiation process have the tools and experience necessary to prevent your company from being surprised during the term of your lease.

Dallas Office Space for Lease sees our relationship with our clients as a long term partnership. We are hear to answer all your questions during the lease negotiation process, and during the term of our lease. Let us earn the right to represent your interest as your lease expires or your needs change.

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