Relocate your Business?

Your office space is one of your most valuable resources. The rental rate is one of your companies largest expenses. Its efficient use is one of your most important management decisions. Should you relocate your office? How much will it cost? How long will it take? These are just of the few questions that Dallas Office Space For Lease can answer. What type of office you choose can impact weather your business succeeds or not. The type of office you select will tell your customers a lot about who you are and how you make business decisions. The location of your office will impact your quality of life because no one wants to spend 45 minutes per day commuting to work and back unless it is absolutely necessary.

Many business owners or managers can make mistakes by rushing the decision without seeing the bigger picture. Avoid mistakes made commonly like having unrealistic expectations about moving costs or improperly estimating the time to get telecommunications services. In addition, most don’t know how to negotiate their lease to properly plan for the dynamic expansion or contraction of their business. Another point they must consider is keeping or selling the existing furniture and equipment. In many cases, upgrades are required and therefore, it is wiser to sell off the pieces rather than pay for the moving costs.

Dallas Office Space for Lease is the #1 source for your Corporate Relocation project! We have saved our clients 10′s of thousands of dollars on their occupancy costs. We use our extensive experience doing deals in your sub-market to drive the best results for your company.

Dallas Office Space for Lease uses a comprehensive linear process developed over years to find the soft spots. We know how much free rent to ask for because we know what other landlords are offering. We present your company in the most positive light to landlords and then use those landlords against each other to drive the best terms for your company. Most importantly, we understand that every dollar you save on rent goes straight into your pocket or to your bottom line. Why pay it to the landlord if you don’t have to?

Lease Renewals

Often times the best choice is to stay where you are. If so, will the landlord pay for upgrades to your space like new carpet or paint? Are you sure you are getting the best rental rate on your renewal? It may be cheaper to move but not if you include the business interruption costs or the actual cost to move from one property to another. What are your expansion options? How is the best way to structure your lease to accommodate for potential expansion of your business without committing to the additional cost until you are ready?

Dallas Office Space for Lease knows how to answer these complex questions and any more that may occur during the process. Our goal is to help you tailor your lease to meet your current and future business needs.

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